I could not do this year a long pilgrimage because of back hernia surgery. 2023 I did a small pilgrimage in the Netherlands as part of my rehabilitation. it was a good training for my muscles that got very weak after laying down for months.

Now I am planing this pilgrimage for 2024.
From time to time I will give updates about this on the blog.

April 2023 I expect to roll another part of my pilgrimage, from Rocamadour to Lourdes..
2022 I ended in Rocamadour and this year I want to continue my pilgrimage towards Lourdes via the route “along old roads” (Langs oude wegen).
“Along old roads” is a Dutch cycle route, for me this is more convenient than a walking route, on cycle routes I can get everywhere with my wheelchair.

I am really looking forward to go again, curious about everything I will experience in the coming year.
I’m also enjoying the preparation. Since i’ve been on the road for a number of years (and also use some of the gear during my regular holidays, so even more use to it), some of the gear needs replacing and/or repairing. I already got a new tent for my birthday (the tent poles had broken last year and I could only primitively repair them, also the tent fabric was badly damaged in the accident) and now it’s mainly about small stuff like new speedbinders/spider and checking everything I have in my tool kit. only a few more months to go (I’m writing this at the end of January 2023)

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