2024, Rocamadour by Lourdes to Spain.

After a quiet year regarding pilgrimage in 2023, in which I mainly worked on my health around my spinal hernia, I am now functioning almost normally again (for me) and I dare to make new plans again. In short, these are my plans for 2024, from Rocamadour via Lourdes to Spain.

In 2022 I already made the beautiful pilgrimage from Le-Puy-en-Velay to Rocamadour and from Rocamadour I will now continue my journey. I had planned to go in 2023, but that didn’t happen, so I will do this next summer. However, I have now planned several things differently than I had previously thought. I once planned to roll to Lourdes and then from Lourdes to Santiago next time. I now think differently about this because if I were to do this next time I would have a tough trip right at the start of the trip, namely over the Pyrenees. But it is not useful to start without training. That’s why I want to do this differently. I now plan to start in Rocamadour in mid-August, then follow the cycle route ‘Along old roads and pilgrimage towns’ to Lourdes and then cross the Pyrenees, by which time my arms will be well trained. I don’t know yet exactly where I will roll. That depends on how long it takes me, time will tell.

Below you will eventually find blogs that I write along the way. You can read the blog here (Dutch, but you can translate in your browser or click here for an automatic google translation.