Wheelchair Pilgrim

Welcome on my website!

I write here a blog about my pilgrimages.

The name of this website www.rolstoelpelgrim.nl means wheelchair pilgrim.
I make short pilgrimages in my area, but I also go in stages by wheelchair to Santiago de Compostela. A few years ago I started this trip.
Here you can read about my previous pilgrimages: (sorry, for now it is automatically translated)

2016 from Haarlem (NL) to Den Bosch (NL)

2017 from Den Bosch (NL) to Maastricht (NL)

2018 from Maastricht (NL) to Reims (France)

2019 Reims to …. I am not sure yet, maybe Vézelay.

I just started planning, I hope to start again in September 2019. Then I will start from Reims along the Via Campaniensis, which I will follow (slightly adapted) until Vezelay (or somewhere else in the Morvan). from there I will return home and continue the route in 2020.

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I do not always follow the official routes to Santiago by the book because I have to adapt it because the walking routes go over meadows with fences walking people climb over, or they have too narrow bridges, paths of mud and sand and other wheelchair inaccessible things. most of the time I prefer cycling routes, but they do not follow such a beautiful route or via too large roads where I would rather not drive my wheelchair. Usually I set out my own routes using hiking and cycling routes and a cycling map. When I plan the route I keep the existing routes in mind and search the best road, I mainly follow the villages and city’s that are on the road and choose the best road between them, sometimes that will be the officiel road but a lot of times it is an alternative. I usually do not choose the shortest route, but I deliberately choose detours, for example because I want to travel by (historical) pilgrimage places or stay overnight at a monastery, want to see a castle or other special places.
For me it is more about the walking, the experience, the special things on the way and the meetings with people than that I rush the shortest way. I prefer a longer interesting way above  just following the shortest but boring roads without any special locations.
And in case my detours means that it will take me a few more years before I arrive in Santiago, than I only have more time to enjoy my pilgrimage.

At this moment my blog is only in automatic translated English and Dutch, hopefully soon I have the opportunity to translate it properly.

In case someone read this who want to translate this website (voluntary) from Dutch to English or France I should really appreciate it. Please contact me with the contact form.

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