2019 Reims to …

I already started with the preparation for my pilgrimage for 2019.

I hope to start next september for the next stage in Reims. Than I will roll to Vézelay, or maybe somewhere in the Morvan. it depend on where I find transport back to the Netherlands. when I have any news I let you know when you sign in at the newsletter (on the homepage) or on my facebook page or instagram when you like / follow it.


01-07-2019, 2 months to go.

As the title says, it only takes 2 months before I continue with my pilgrimage.

Last week I already booked the bus, last year I enjoyed the flixbus so I am now traveling on the way there with flixbus. I leave on the night of 2 to 3 September.

The route is starting to take shape, I am going to follow the Via Campaniensis in general, or at least the towns. I am still working on a list of places where I can sleep (campings, hostels, monasteries). Just like last year, I make a list of all (cheap) places on the route and when I am on my way I decide when and where I want to stop. I especially hope that I will find a lot of campsites, monasteries and pilgrimages to sleep. this year I will take the tent with me, like last year, I liked camping and so there will always be a place to sleep. I do not book anything in advance, it will be always a surprise where I sleep.

I only reserved the first night (3 September), when I arrive by bus at 11 in the morning in Reims I roll 6 km to Cormontreuil, where I will spend the night with the Clarissen sisters, just like last year. then I can take some rest after the night bus and then I can roll my first real long distance again on September 4.


Below are some pictures for the monastery of last year, this year I revisit them.