2019 Reims to …

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01-07-2019, 2 months to go.

As the title says, it only takes 2 months before I continue with my pilgrimage.

Last week I already booked the bus, last year I enjoyed the flixbus so I am now traveling on the way there with flixbus. I leave on the night of 2 to 3 September.

The route is starting to take shape, I am going to follow the Via Campaniensis in general, or at least the towns. I am still working on a list of places where I can sleep (campings, hostels, monasteries). Just like last year, I make a list of all (cheap) places on the route and when I am on my way I decide when and where I want to stop. I especially hope that I will find a lot of campsites, monasteries and pilgrimages to sleep. this year I will take the tent with me, like last year, I liked camping and so there will always be a place to sleep. I do not book anything in advance, it will be always a surprise where I sleep.

I only reserved the first night (3 September), when I arrive by bus at 11 in the morning in Reims I roll 6 km to Cormontreuil, where I will spend the night with the Clarissen sisters, just like last year. then I can take some rest after the night bus and then I can roll my first real long distance again on September 4.


Below are some pictures for the monastery of last year, this year I revisit them.


September 27, one week before leaving

After a year of preparations it is suddenly soon that I leave to my new pilgrimage.
today it is only one week before leaving.
September 3 I will arrive in Reims. after leaving the bus I will first roll to the sisters in the monastery where I slept last year. there I will stay for one night to rest after a night in a bus and than it will really start rolling South. I will roll for around 2 weeks, probably to Vézelay or anywhere in the Morvan, that depend on how I will travel back home.

Coming week I will pack my back (I already started), wash some cloths that I have to take with me, and I will try to rest a lot because my body will need that (I am not for fun in my wheelchair). and after those things I will be ready to go!

From next week on I will write here a daily blog (when I have internet acces).

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1 more day.

Only one more day to go. Almost everything has been packed and even attached to my wheelchair. Yesterday and today a short test drive to check the balance of the luggage. If the weight is too much on the front it is heavy driving and making turns is difficult but the weight is too much to the rear, I tilted back. Everything is now well tied. The scallop that I received during my first part from the sisters at the Cassella monastery in Hilversum is once again tied to my wheelchair.

I now have a watertight bag for my tent, which will no longer get wet when a rain shower comes over (although I hope it stays dry). The weather forecast now seems to be pretty good. So that’s nice.

A while ago I also made a new flag. After 3 years my old flag was completely worn out. I sewed my new flag from the fabric of a yellow jacket and ironed on my logo with reflective tape. Successfully worked though I say so myself. For the back of my wheelchair I made a kind of small banner with the same material so that that is also clearly visible. That way the cars can see me well from behind when I’m driving on motorways.

Go to bed early tonight and hopefully sleep late tomorrow so that I am hopefully a bit rested before leaving. Because tomorrow night my bus leaves late and then it becomes a night to sleep on the bus (with a transfer around 4 o’clock at night) and those are usually not the best nights of sleep. Fortunately I have already booked my overnight stay in the monastery and hopefully I can make a good night there before I start rolling really long days.

I’ll keep you informed.


Wheelchair pilgrim